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May 27th, 2010 | by A. Jinnie McManus |

We don’t talk too much about our daily work on this blog but we’d like to keep you posted on what we actually do when we don’t work on publishing a book or posting on Facebook or Twitter.

In March, we introduced StainTalk, the new social media project commissioned by client Delta Carbona. (See our introductory blog post about it here). It covers many of our core strengths:
StainTalk microsite

  • Developing original and non-traditional concepts and turning them into reality
  • Creating a presence spanning from POS activities to a microsite, Facebook fan page, Twitter channel etc.
  • Creating entertaining content in an area that is not usually perceived to be a fun discussion topic.

Two months ago, we launched a program to provide a healthy balance of relevance between both the Carbona brand and the people talking about products and solutions related to Carbona’s range of products. We also instituted cause marketing with “Carbona Cares”  to manage Carbona’s philanthropic efforts. Carbona made an initial contribution of $10,000 to Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Ubuntu Now and its South Africa Project, which focuses on rape prevention and gender equality in the 2010 FIFA World Cup host country. The program will sponsor community workers in South Africa, and they will update regularly using small portable cameras in order to make the project more tangible for South Africa Project supporters in the US.
StainTalk Twitter

Recent Developments
In the few weeks since we launched StainTalk, we’ve developed a Club with over 20,000 members.  We introduced a “Cleaning Heroes Club” and offered free samples of Carbona’s Color Grabber product to the first 10,000 members. The free sample campaign was ultimately featured by thousands of websites and successfully increased consumer awareness of the StainTalk community.

Most importantly, we were then able to directly obtain invaluable feedback of Carbona and Color Grabbers via surveys by members who received samples. Their responses demonstrate we’re building a  community of loyal brand evangelists.
StainTalk Facebook
Under StainTalk’s social media umbrella of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and the microsite, we’ve been able to initiate conversation directly between customers and Carbona for stain solutions… among other topics.

Furthermore, we recently expanded StainTalk’s presence on YouTube with original and fun short movie clips that appeal to a wide variety of demographics.

Currently, we’re focusing on a word-of-mouth special: StainArt. StainArt combines our mission of finding fun with the lighter side of cleaning with easily accessible cause marketing. We are encouraging our members to pay tribute to their greatest messes by participating the StainArt online store, StainWear. $5 from each purchase will support the Carbona Cares program.

StainWear shop
We’ve also utilized cross media marketing by creating graphic toppers and free-standing inserts (FSIs) for merchandise at Point-of-Sale to promote StainTalk and StainWear. By combining successful online and offline campaigns, we have strengthened Carbona’s brand name in both the social media sphere and directly in the store aisle.

This campaign is still in its early stages. There is much more to come and we’ll keep you posted.

Enough bragging for today ;)

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