Huggies Pays Attention to Working Moms

Huggies, purveyor of disposable diapers and subsidiary of pharmaceutical giant, Kimberly-Clark, has launched an interesting cause marketing effort: The MomInspired Grant Program.

Kimberly-Clark is asking that, using their online application, mothers submit a proposal for an innovative product  that meets a previously overlooked parenting need. The company has $250,000 in grant money to award, with a maximum of $15,000 assigned to any one individual proposal.

One might think that a diaper company’s contest would be more along the lines of a mother-and-child photo contest, but no. With its new grant program, Huggies is targeting the working mom; a target group largely forgotten by companies marketing childcare goods.

It is decidedly unclear whether or not the Huggies’ money will, in fact, bring a new product to full fruition. Regardless, the campaign goes beyond the search for childcare product innovation– it serves to highlight the Huggies consideration of working mothers.

[youtube wjeBsj8c38U]

  • http://0-clue.blogspot.com dan

    If I may, dads buy diapers too!

    Anyway, as a dad, one thing that concerns me is that disposable diapers are not that disposable after all. Perhaps they should use that money to develop a product that is truly biodegradable.

    One can only imagine, a landscape of used “disposable diapers floating around.”

    If anyone from the diaper industry is reading this, please do consider these points:

    1. eco friendly biodegradable diapers

    The second suggestion would be moot if the first one is heeded:

    2. diaper disposal incentives. segregate used diapers in the garbage so that they could be properly processed, taking into consideration the environmental effects of non biodegradable diapers that proliferate the market today.

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