our nine year anniversary

September 24th, 2011 | by Klaus Holzapfel |
Felix & Klaus at the start of conceptbakery

Felix and Klaus at the birthday of conceptbakery in Santa Monica 09/24/02

It’s been 9 years today since my brother Felix and I started conceptbakery at a sunny day in Los Angeles. We are getting ready for our first big anniversary next year and will certainly keep some beans in the bank for that day.

Felix is flat out the best business partner I could have ever thought of. He is the person I can blindly trust. Being a 50/50 partner in everything we do has and will never be a problem. Whenever we differ about a subject the eventual outcome will be better than if the conversation wouldn’t have taken place. He is one of the sharpest and most dedicated and focused people you’ll ever meet. It has been pretty amazing to see my youngest brother grow into one of the leading thinkers of modern day marketing in Germany.  I’d wish all business alliances would work that well. Many corporate lawyers would have to look for new things to do, like doing some social media marketing and joining our team.

From the days were Felix and I worked both at home on our desks in Los Angeles (before I moved to Denver) and Cologne we’ve grown to a team of 18.

A few words to the team
Every new member of conceptbakery has been adding more than just their work skills. You go the extra mile and guarantee the success of our company. It is you who should also feel proud today. Take a look at our client list and know that you own a piece of that. Getting them into the door might be a job Felix or I have taken care of. But keeping them as clients wouldn’t be possible without you.

I am privileged to work with all of you on both sides of the Atlantic. It doesn’t matter where you are. Our awesome people in Denver mean just as much to me as everyone in Cologne that I get to see twice per year.

Of course things are shifting a bit as we keep growing. But at the end each single one of you is close to Felix’s and my heart. If we can’t say that any longer then we are loosing what’s got us to where we are today.

Due to our development team we are able to build cutting edge interactive websites, Facebook & mobile apps. Initially Felix and I built everything ourselves. In hindsight our efforts look pretty pathetic to what Alex, Vanessa, Brandon, Ugur, Thomas and Christopher are doing. Felix and I wrote press releases as well. The work of Amanda and Swantje is putting a shame to our efforts. Felix and I also did all the brainstorming for our client projects. We still enjoy doing this but the energy in the rooms when the Daras, Costanzes, Amandas, Joshs, Tabeas, Sarahs, Patricks, Jills, Johannas are joining in is a whole different ballgame.

Thanks to our clients
You took the courage to work with a smaller agency that presented you with unorthodox ideas and often suggested to do things you’ve never done before. Many of you must have had internal discussions after meeting us and asking yourself if we are capable of doing what we said we could do and if this is the route to go. Many of you opened up to a whole new world. Our business is very much a people business. Our hearts are in each of our projects.

We truly care about our team, our clients and their clients as well. We’ve become part of cleaning, traveling, book reading, car tuning and many other communities and genuinely enjoy the daily interaction on all these frontiers.

Many of you have been and continue to be rewarding us with repeat business. 18 professional lives are owed to your confidence in our work. We can’t thank you enough for that.

A word to Mark Zuckerberg
We’ve bought you more than a little den in your home through all the ads we’ve been running so far. We’ll be happy to add a few more towers to your castle if you don’t throw us too many curveballs. We love the changes you recently made to your platform. I’d expect you to so some big tweaks to Pages as well. Just don’t forget that our clients have to get something out of what they are investing into their presence on your little social network.

At the end this is a day of gratitude. We love what we do. We create success stories. We keep pushing ourselves and are filled with confidence about what we can achieve.  That keeps us going. See you around!

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