Flickr, why are you letting Pinterest steal your lunch money?

March 29th, 2012 | by Klaus Holzapfel |

Flickr vs PinterestFlickr was created in 2004, was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, had 51 million registered users as of June 2011, and hosts a total of over 6 billion images. It also has over 80 million unique visitors per month.

Image sharing site Pinterest just came out of beta a year ago and has taken the Internet by storm over the last 5 months, beating Flickr’s in-site traffic statistics (based on unique visitors per month). Pinterest’s concept is simple: users can create boards and pin pictures to it. Those pictures can come from anywhere, unless a site blocks its content to be used on Pinterest.

Jeez, Flickr!!!

You’ve been around forever. You also have a loyal userbase actually uploading original content, instead of merely sharing pictures from third-party sites they usually don’t own.

Why do you sit there and just watch this happen? There are many ways you could take on Pinterest. For example, how about inviting your users to an opt-in pool where they can let other Flickr users share their pictures on their boards? You won’t even have to pay them! Offer them some status rewards such as badges for their accomplishments (for total pins, number of pictures that were pinned or re-pinned and so on).

Make Flickr more social! Haven’t you noticed the focus on the entire web has massively shifted towards images? And aren’t you aware of the gigantic amount of original content you are sitting on? Instead of focusing on that, you’re letting you bosses turn into patent trolls and engage in a pointless battle with Facebook? You are watching a start-up with a dozen people take over a market you  should own with hardly any effort needed? Seriously, what are you guys smoking?

I’ll take everything back if you come out with a convincing master plan within the next two weeks.

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