Ryanair snow drawing

The power of humor

Ryanair, Europe‘s only ultra low cost carrier, has a long history of upsetting me with the way they are unraveling the airline industry. Their CEO has made many remarks that show profitability trumps humanity in the way he runs the airline. I would expect his handling of crises to fall in the same category.

As it happens the just had a little potential crisis looming around with some of their ground grew members. They used the snow on the tarmac to do a little drawing.

Ryanair snow drawing

Stories of employees of larger enterprises acting inappropriately hit the news almost daily. The standard protocol is as follows: the management team apologizes, publicly reprimands and/or fires the employee(s) in question and everyone moves on.

Quite surprisingly, Ryanair took a different route. We don‘t know what conversations took place internally, but something remarkable happened when I saw this picture and the reaction by the company:

A spokesman for Ryanair told MailOnline Travel:  ‘While our ground crew excel at industry leading 25 minute turnarounds, art isn‘t their forte, as they‘ve clearly forgotten to draw wings on their snow airplane.’

In no way is Ryanair endorsing their employees drawing private body parts in the snow at the airport. With that said, their ability to defuse the situation with an original twist using humor made me actually dislike Ryanair a little less. I wouldn‘t have written this post if I didn‘t like how they handled it and I never thought I‘d say this but… in my opinion, others can watch and learn a little bit from this Ryanair story.

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