13 years of conceptbakery

Happy Birthday! 13 years of conceptbakery

Today is the 13th anniversary of our humble start in 2002. My brother Felix, and I incorporated conceptbakery back in Los Angeles.

13 is often considered a not-so-lucky number. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to apply to us. conceptbakery is as strong as ever. We have an amazing team and wonderful clients. We consider our team to be our extended family and are lucky enough to look at our clients as partners.

We have many exciting projects in the pipeline to take the next level, but today is reserved for gratitude.

Thanks to Felix
His amazing drive has allowed conceptbakery to thrive in Germany. The business wouldn’t be where it is today without him. He did all this with class and style. We might not have been the fastest growing agency in Germany during that time period, but he built the business in an organic way we are very happy with. We have a corporate culture in the bakery that leads our team members to stay with us. There are no burned bridges in our history.

I could go on, but I couldn’t think of a better partner to be in business with. It’s already been a great journey, but we both know that there is still much more to come.

Thanks to our clients
Some of you have been with us for over a decade! Your confidence in our strategies, concepts and campaigns is the foundation of conceptbakery. Without you there would be no success stories to talk about.

The biggest thanks…
…goes to our team. Thanks for joining us over all the other opportunities you have. Thanks for going the extra mile during crunch time. Thanks for all the know-how you’re adding. Thanks for all the fun you bring to the bakery. I really like you. I like seeing you advance. I like seeing you start families, become rock stars or whatever else you are pursuing in life.

Today is not just a day for Felix and I to feel some level of accomplishment. The same accounts for our team as well. We’re all in the middle of a journey, but today is day for them to feel good about who they are and what you’re doing!

A brief look back
It’s easy to forget all the things we’ve done in 13 years. Felix and I started as jack-of-all-trades web developers, SEO specialists, designers, and marketers at our desks in our homes. Today we are a team of experts specializing in all the facets of digital marketing.

We started with big ideas but without any references. By now we managed to realize a lot of those ideas, have references to show and gained a mountain of experience that we’re happy to share with our current and future customers.

We started with local clients and went on to work for global players.
In the U.S., we started in Los Angeles and moved to Denver in 2006 where we found an awesome digital landscape to become a part of.
We started as a little add-on to a client’s marketing activities and moved on to become a digital lead agency.

We could go on, but in the end it all leads us to being thankful today.

We did it our way. We grew organically. We stuck to our style and principles. If anything, I feel much more humble than proud about what we built so far. Yes, we earned it with lots of hard work. The road was often rocky, especially in the beginnings. We’ve also been lucky with all the decisions we’ve made over the years. Some things are easy to influence but there is also a ton of randomness in all our lives.

We are taking a breather but we’re certainly not done yet. We live in a very fast-changing universe. It provides a ton of opportunities and is a call of action for us. We are ready for an amazing journey over the next few years and are inviting you to take part in it.

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