My name is Klaus Holzapfel. I am the Managing Partner of conceptbakery USA. I live in Denver, Colorado.

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This blog deals with: Guerilla Marketing, Cool Things on the Web, Cross Media Marketing and other stories that stick out in my own humble opinion. I try to share things that are beneficial for the like-minded reader.

This is the place where I share what’s going through my mind. What matters to me in the flood of information I scan every day.

Think of a coffee maker: The web would be the water and the coffee, my brain is the filter and you are looking at what made it into the coffee pot. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

I am not on an agenda and don’t try to manipulate with this blog. Fortunately, I am not getting censored either.
I come to my own conclusions and make predictions. Looking into the future is part of what I do and who I am. Sometimes I am right, sometimes at least my timing is a bit off. Nobody gets it right all the time.

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I have a strong focus on ethical behavior on the web and try to promote common sense by sticking to it and set examples whenever possible. If each of us does one good thing on the web every day we can make an impact.

Sp@mming is one of the menaces of these days. If I feel your comments are solely made to promote your own case but don’t add value to my readers, they will be removed.

I love soccer but this is not a soccer blog. It just looks a bit that way. The Soccer World Cup is a major marketing event and therefore will be covered extensively in the next few months. Other things are clearly happening besides soccer and I will try to acknowledge that.

Last but not least: I am a horrible typist. I run everything through spell check but some things escape my eyes. Please be forgiving. English is not my native language but that’s no excuse. My German is just as bad.