Cross media Guerilla Attack..

Swiss International Air Lines

The client

SWISS is the national airline of Switzerland. They are part of Lufthansa and belong to the Star Alliance. SWISS has a fleet of 73 airplanes and flies to over 70 destinations world wide.

TV coverage..

The Swiss TV station STARTV covered the campaign. The report (in German language) is based on a video that we produced and uploaded on Youtube in order to document our work and the results:


Starting point..

Swiss International Air Lines wanted to increase its popularity within German speaking countries
The client is facing aggressive marketing from various low-cost carriers at its major hubs
Strong competition is requiring marketing that draws lots of attention

our Tasks..

Focus on offline activities
Cross media components were required to increase the efficiency of the campaign (especially on the web)
The campaign had to create attention in various large cities at the same time
The values of SWISS had to be presented in a positive and surprising manner
As much press coverage as possible in multiple media channels
SWISS wanted to become "Talk of the Town"

Our approach..

Developing the guerilla marketingglossary: guerilla marketing idea

"rude parking = half the win"

Selection of cars that will stir attention
Covering the cars with artificial snow in the summer and parking them at high traffic areas to trigger reactions
Creation of symbols and claims that were shown on the cars to link to the brand SWISS
Parallel execution in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart
Covering the campaign with multiple steps of online PRglossar: online pr
Extensive documentation with photos and video. The video was published on YouTube and became the base for a TV report


High attention within target groups and creation of "discussion material". Many people who didn't see the actual cars became involved as well.

guerilla marketing at the brandenburg gate

Guerilla marketing at the Brandenburg Gate

at the central station

at the central station

in the city

and in the city

The cars became sightseeing material and were photographed 1000s of times
Various publications of the campaign coverage and PR, i.e. with Touristik Aktuell, Promotion Business, Werbewoche, various blogs etc..
A report in the show "SWISS MADE" at the TV station STARTV in Switzerland

Additional information about this campaign is also available at our weblog.