Our Ingredients


We don’t think in terms of channels and media but focus on goals and results

Which goals are being pursued? Is the task at hand only tackling symptoms or is it getting to the bottom of a problem? For whom, when, where and why are our delicacies being served? Are we reaching out via online or mobile channels or using a cross-media mix? How is success being defined?

How can we make sure our goodies are not just being eaten but devoured? How can we get people to rave about them and tell their friends, families and co-workers? How can a business, brand or campaign become the talk of the town?

We never lose focus of who is the center of efforts: human beings. They all have separate requirements that need to be blended with the goals of a business in an elegant fashion.

These factors are the foundation for our alternative marketing mix. We assist our clients with their positioning, goals & ROI discussion, target audience definition and their cross-media strategies.