Repositioning of DEVK

As a senior brand advisor we worked actively on the repositioning of DEVK. Various digital and social web campaigns and a number of workshops supported that move.

  • All goals reached during a repositioning of the brand
  • Addition of new Facebook fans
  • Savings in cost per Facebook fan (best case)
  • Undercut expected cost per video view (best case)
  • Fan growth within 12 months
  • 2nd most interactive insurance brand on the German social web
Develop digital and social web strategy, reposition brand from "personal, affordable and close" to "told, done, helped", set-up Facebook page for main brand, including over 2,700 distribution partners via a social media cockpit, build reach, setup social media guidelines, ongoing management and consulting.
Thorough analysis of the national and international insurance sector regarding their social web activities, introduction of DEVK to the social web, create an editorial plan, plan and execute various word-of-mouth campaigns, microsites, Facebook apps, media buys, consulting in regards to a long-term brand strategy, workshops and employee training, monitoring, ongoing management and consulting.
Step by step launch of social media program in an organization with many hubs spread throughout the country, extension of cooperation beyond social media activities, exclusive partnership with DEVK for the insurance sector.

Hands-on Days
Giving digital presence to new band values

This campaign highlighted the brand’s new values. It actively involved DEVK's employees and showcased cause projects that were directly supported by the staff.

DEVK Tatkrafttage App

DEVK Insurance
goes social

Development of social web strategy including DEVK's distribution partner network, setup of Facebook page, building reach, creation of social media guidelines, ongoing consulting, WOM specials, apps, media buys, etc.

DEVK auf Facebook

Social Media Cockpit
Training of distribution partners

The social media cockpit allows for the active social media participation of DEVK's 2,700+ distribution partners. It is attached to an internal communication platform. A nationwide series of seminars was held to introduce the program.

Social Media Cockpit Social Media Cockpit

Personal marketing
Recruiting on the social web

A Facebook page was set up for the purpose of recruiting new employees. Various campaigns were planned and executed. We work on content creation and fine-tuning the ongoing communication.

DEVK Karriere auf Facebook

Social Media Monitoring
Tuning into the conversation

Ongoing social media monitoring for DEVK. What talk about the brand is taking place? How successful are our campaigns? How are the interaction rates developing? What are the overall reaction times? Etc.