Interactive and Connected

Many years of cooperation have led to the development and execution of many campaigns involving websites and microsites. Projects include the product test lounge, various social media activities, and cross-media and international campaigns.

  • Reduction of cost per lead compared to traditional channels
  • All product launches are using our product test lounge
  • Years of successful cooperation
  • Successful projects and counting
  • Number of fans gained for German Facebook page
  • Reach of main target audience with our campaigns
Develop digital and social web strategies and campaigns including online and offline components, support of product launches, outreach and engagement with various target groups, building and managing a community of loyal fans on the the social web, national and international activities.
Interactive microsites, development of word-of-mouth specials (WOM), creation of product testing environment, implementation of mobile strategies, integrate an augmented reality puzzle into Facebook, plan and implement an alternate-reality game with cross-media elements, setup of Facebook pages including app development, media buys, offline guerilla activities, plan and organize unique events to support book author readings, workshops, ongoing management and consulting.
Launch of active community for the main brand on Facebook, continued growth of fan base, nominee for "Best Social Media Award 2012", runner up for "German Online Communication Awards", exceeded expectations by 500% for adolescent book project, ongoing cooperation for many years, extension from viral and social tasks to the entire digital area.

Product test lounge
Let the games begin

Creation of a product test lounge where reviews are created by users via online or mobile access. Reviews are made accessible to other product testers and early adopters. Due to the Product Test Lounge’s great success, it has been adapted and used for all major product launches of Ravensburger.

Ravensburger Produkttestlounge

Scotland Yard Master

A campaign for the launch of a revised version of this classic game. A board game is combined with mobile devices. Our social web campaign resembled this revised version and was nominated for the German Online Communication Awards.

Digital Board Game Revolution

Development and execution of various activities supporting the launch of a new generation of board games. Setup of an interactive microsite for online and mobile visitors. Product tests and social media elements included.

Adolescent Books
From Social Web to Printed Book

Characters and stories introduced via the social web prior to a book launch. This guerrilla and viral campaign reached the target audience at their destinations - whether that was online, mobile or offline.

German Blog Post

Discovering Ravensburger
National and International

A playful social campaign, just like the brand itself. The national and international target audience like to play which makes for a very interactive community.

RavensburgerInternational Facebook

Ravensburger Global Facebook