Triodos – Europe's leading sustainable bank

Our work for Triodos started with a focus on social and digital media. Today we are the lead agency. We're working on the planning and implementation of various online, mobile and offline activities.

  • Increase in website traffic via on-page optimization
  • Improvement of conversion rate
  • Reduction of cost per client for main keyword
  • Reduction of cost per video (best case)
  • Reduction of cost per client via Facebook (best case)
  • Greatly improved for all major keywords
The initial focus for conceptbakery was social media, then our focus shifted to overall digital and now we've assumed the role of cross-media lead agency for Triodos. The tasks stretch from overall consulting to the development of holistic marketing strategies.
Optimization of the company website including visual elements, copywriting, sales funnel and conversion rate improvement, and SEO. Plan and implement various campaigns promoting the brand and its products. Microsite, social web apps, content marketing, blogging, media buys (Google adwords and social web ads) are all part of our ongoing work. We provide ongoing monitoring and reporting, host workshops, and consult with Triodos on a regular basis.
The ongoing successful cooperation has turned into long-term partnership. We grew into the lead agency role and were able to significantly increase the conversion rates and acquisition cost per customer.

Website optimization and conversion rates

We developed a concept to give the website a makeover based on the existing CMS. Visual content, copywriting, site structure, SEO, sales funnel and conversation rates were all a part of the optimization plan that was implemented in conjunction with Triodos' headquarter.

Triodos Website

Sustainable on the social web

Sustainable banking offers many discussion points on the social web. We set up a Facebook page and support Triodos effort's with the planning and implementation of various campaigns.

Triodos auf Facebook

The Triodos Fan Forest
One click one tree

We did this cause marketing campaign in conjunction with "Trees for Life". It included a microsite and Facebook app. We developed and managed the campaign and took care of the media buys to support it.

Der Triodos Fanwald

Clients to clients

Planning and execution of "your personal sustainability report" campaign. Design, production and distribution of offline mailing to Triodos clients. Integration of recommendation mechanism.