Our Ingredients

Success Analysis

Monitoring & Controlling

How is a company, product or service being perceived by our clients' consumers? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages? Is there competition? What is the unique selling point (USP)? What does the overall market situation look like? Are there any relevant trends to consider? What is the existing conversation like?

At conceptbakery we do a comprehensive social media audit as part of our SWOT analysis. We have found the biggest focus group is already talking about you, you just need to tune in. We use various social web monitoring tools to gather information from a wide range of sources including blogs, microsites, videos, forums, press releases, etc. to help us learn what’s being discussed, when, where and by whom.

This process serves us in three ways:

  1. Create a pool of data as a foundation for developing an effective strategy.
  2. Act as a before and after study so we can gauge how many people nibble at our goodies.
  3. Ongoing control during a campaign.