Our Ingredients

Digital (online + mobile)

Virtual delicacies for whenever and wherever

We don’t bake separate delicacies for online and mobile projects any longer. Smartphones, tablets and PCs have all become highly interchangeable and users expect a seamless experience without friction between those once separate worlds. We use the term digital marketing to cover the entire array of possibilities.

Just adding responsive design to a website is not sufficient. It is quite different to eat a piece of cream tart at home while it’s sitting on a plate and you’re holding a fork versus consuming the same piece on the go. Maybe it needs to be sized down, or turned into a cream filled roll that can be held in hand? The perfect experience is based on the consumer’s location and we always factor that in.

Note: It’s imperative to make the necessary adjustments to our fast changing digital landscape. We are usually cautious with generalizations and bold statements like this but this is a necessary investment in order to stay competitive in the future. Do not ignore the change in user behaviors and expectations. This is not a fad.