Our Ingredients


Building and extending your reach

Baking an amazing pie is one thing. Making sure others stand in line to savor it is the other part of your success story. Unlike others, we’ve mastered both disciplines.

The initial steps of the promotion process happen in the design and crafting of your pie. It is important to add show-stopping ingredients to ensure your pie becomes the talk-of-the-town. We call these word-of-mouth specials.

Think of it as setting the pie in the window to tempt people passing by. We know how to maximize marketing and public relations to get the most benefits with the budget at hand.

The best results for promotion via social media are often obtained with a mix of WOM & viral distribution on YouTube, Facebook, etc. and directly related digital media ad planning and buying.

Ready to serve your pie? We recommend integrating efforts with your website and other communication channels. A smart cross-media strategy avoids dead ends and uses the enticing smell of your activities to stir interest and care for immediate distribution.