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Having that perfect mix

Until recently, the best family recipes were top secret and passed down from generation to generation. Today, all of these family treasures plus many more are easily accessible on the Internet. This is a clear indicator of how much the flow of information has changed with the rise of the social web. But that doesn't mean you are stuck using the same ingredients over and over again.

Stand out from the crowd! Cookie cutters should only be used for actual baking, not strategic communication. Each of our plans is developed as a unique creation, baked to perfection with only the most relevant variables and attention to detail. That is the difference between novice and master bakers. If you are sloppy, your cake could fall flat. If done well, you set yourself up to be the talk of the town with a moist, fluffy cake.

You probably know there are pre-mixed products available to make the job easier. They will even lead to good results, but not great ones. For great, tasty, results you need fresh ingredients created specifically for your project.

Note: More and more businesses, stretching from global brands to small business, are involving marketing experts like us earlier in their marketing decision-making process. This can start with product development or defining brand identity. Why? The social web offers more touch points in a customer life cycle than any other medium.