Our Ingredients


No more marketing dead ends

Some people use a fork to eat their pie. Others use a spoon. Target audiences can be similar - both equally important but require different methods to get their attention. Your audience should not be forced to adapt their habits to your taste.

Many bakers still use the same few ingredients over and over again but we work to not limit ourselves this way. There are so many ingredients and options in today’s marketing mix that are like baking with eggs - you can just as easily separate the yolk from the white as keep them whole.

Cross-Media Marketing helps subtly combine single elements to form a mix to stimulate the senses of your audience. We look into combining all potential activities (online, offline, mobile) using elements like coupon codes, deals, specials, and QR codes to avoid marketing dead ends.

The results of cross-media marketing done right will always greatly exceed the results of standalone marketing efforts. Your audience will see your brand in many forms helping them remember your delicacies, automatically creating an appetite for more.