conceptbakery IS NOW zone

The German-American agency conceptbakery and Zone, the number 1 independent agency from the UK according to "Drum" merged in January 2016. We are now Zone.
 Combined we are a team of 220 (75 strategy, 80 developers, 65 content specialists). We are still independent and owner-managed. Our clients can expect full digital service in the areas of strategy, technology and content. On a high level. On a national and international scale. We are looking forward to this collaboration, new and exciting possibilities, clients and projects! In this spirit ... Welcome to Zone!

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Our Ingredients

Our little helpers

Within our bakery and beyond

Top-notch baking requires working with the best tools. Even the best ingredients can be a waste if the right tools are missing. Only countless experiments and training will teach a baker to not only use, but master, the tools at their fingertips. We understand the process of creating, reworking, and mastering a recipe and only use top-of-the-line tools on the market at conceptbakery.

Conceptbakery considers the unique taste buds of each client and their target community. Developing and discovering newly available tools early ensures conceptbakery produces delicious baked goods that turn heads whenever they’re shared. Many times, we’re able to answer questions that haven't yet been asked and provide solutions to problems that you aren't yet aware of.

As a cross-Atlantic marketing agency, we constantly implement the latest trends and techniques for a global audience. The world of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, etc. is changing daily and we make sure our clients are able to use all of these to their fullest potential. Proper planning, organization and execution of our projects are all key to the overall conceptbakery recipe. Ultimately, we provide our clients with a custom recipe developed exclusively for them.