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The social media microwave

How do you communicate with the world in just 140 characters? Especially when you are referring to the fastest communications platform on the social web. Twitter is as close to real time as it gets, and much easier and faster to use than Facebook. There are fewer buttons to push because the focus is on its core functionality.

Timing is very important when using Twitter. It would not be a tool to use when creating elaborate wedding cakes and the same is true for elaborate, complex marketing ideas. Instead, take advantage of Twitter’s speedy distribution for daily specials, newsworthy announcements, and fast feedback.

Twitter’s user base is smaller than Facebook's but its users often serve as influencers for a broader audience on the social web. A number of hyper-networking Twitter users can propel relevant content in front of a huge number of readers in no time.

Keeping your response time short and knowing when to talk to whom and how can make Twitter a very potent element of your marketing mix. Conceptbakery can help you answer when, whom, and how and maximize the benefits of the social media “microwave”.